When is a world cruise, a world cruise?




An independent assessment by outdoor experts and geographers from Explorers Web Inc. has resulted in published rules on what constitutes a true circumnavigation of the world by human power. According to Adventurestats a true circumnavigation of the earth must:

> Start and finish at the same point, traveling in one general direction
> Reach two antipodes (Two diametrically opposite places on Earth).

From the above follows that a true circumnavigation must:
> Cross the equator
> Cross all longitudes
> Cover a minimum of 40,000km or 21,600NM (a great circle)

These rules have been endorsed by the following organizations and individuals:
> The Explorers Club
> Guinness World Records
> The Scientific Exploration Society
> British Human Power Club
> Ocean Rowing Society
> Sir Ranulph Fiennes (TransGlobe Expedition)

Approaching Straits of Gibraltar and off the coast of NZ between Bay of Islands and Auckland