Port Everglades Information

Here are some useful links about Port Everglades

Port Everglades Map

Port Everglades Information

This site gives you a lot of information about Port Everglades along with floor plans of the various terminals.

Port Everglades Cruise Ship Information

Port Everglades Cruise Ship Schedules

Here is a link to a mobile IOS Apple APP with the Port Everglades schedule

Here is a link to a site that shows you what other ships will be in any port and the port loading (how many people may be on all the ships put together)

Here is a map of the Southport Shopping Center - which is very close to Port Everglades

The Sun Trolley connects the airport, the beaches and various hotels around Fort Lauderdale.   No luggage is allowed, but a great choice once you are checked in.   Most routes are free!  The beach route costs $1 which goes down the beach all the way to the Galleria Mall

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