2018 World Knitting Cruise 113-Day – Explore the World w/Judy and Pete

113-Day World Knitting Cruise - Explore the World w/Judy and Pete Laszcz

If you followed along with Pete and Judy on their 2016 World Cruise  here's your chance to experience the ultimate in cruising first hand.    Judy and Pete with be hosting Craft Cruises' first World Cruise in 2018 aboard the ms Amsterdam.   Pete will be planning and leading various shore excursions,  customized and exclusive to Craft Cruises guests in addition to hosting various onboard activities, helping with pre-cruise planning and available to assist with computers, casino activities and blogging.   Judy will be offering a "learn to knit" series as well as weekly seminars on advanced knitting topics.

Craft Cruises offers perks similar to the larger agencies, but with more personalized service, extensive pre cruise planning and assistance in addition being part of the Craft Cruise family onboard the Ms Amsterdam in 2018.

If you are not sure about what happens on a world cruise, check out this LINK and explore the 2016 World Cruise day by day.   If you are curious about menus and the daily activities here is a LINK to a page with all of the menus and the daily program "On Location".     Here is a LINK  to a page that shows all the special "pillow gifts" that Pete and Judy received (nothing guaranteed) as well as insight into other activities.   Before you leave on the cruise you receive a booklet that describes the various balls and special celebrations that will take place.  Here is a LINK to the booklet that was sent out for the 2016 World Cruise.

Unlike other cruise lines, Holland America treats their world cruise as one long cruise rather than a series of back to back segments.   Entertainers never repeat the same show.   Here is a LINK to the entertainments highlights from the 2016 Cruise.  Crew turnover is almost zero.   The Ms Amsterdam becomes a small, friendly town circling the globe.

For more details about this wonderful opportunity please check out the Craft Cruise World Cruise link HERE

2018 World Cruise FAQ HERE which includes a link to Pete's proprietary World Cruise Cost Calculator.