2018 World Cruise FAQ

Planning for a World Cruise requires thinking about more than a 1 or 2 week cruise.  Here are some common questions

More will be added from time to time – Check back.

Here are copies of the  Holland America 2018 World Cruise brochure that lists the Officers, Events and Packages

Officers – HERE

Events and Theme nights- HERE

Packages – HERE

Letter from Holland America with VISA and Immunization requirements

How much does a world cruise cost?  Here are some posts on the subject

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Here is a link to a spread sheet to estimate your total cost for a World Cruise.

World Cruise Cost Calculator

Tips for Packing for a World Cruise

How do they handle your shipboard account for a world cruise?  Here is a copy of the letter from the purser explaining how they did it on the 2016 World Cruise.   Front Desk Letter Explaining Billing Procedure

How to save money on shipboard internet

What about Taxes?   You can file for an extension before you leave.   You still have to pay whatever taxes you think you will owe by April 15th.   More information here.

What about prescription drugs?   Talk to your insurance company about a “vacation override”   Every company is different so call early to find out about their policy and requirements.   We use medicare and had no trouble getting this approved.

What about mail?   The easiest way would be to have a neighbor pick up your mail and hold it.   Another option would be to get a mail box at a private company like Mail Boxes etc or UPS and then forward your mail to them.  Most private mail boxes will hold your mail for the duration of the cruise (maybe for an extra fee – so check first).  The post office will forward your mail up to a year.

What about bills?   Set them up to be paid automatically from your credit card or checking account.    Most property tax jurisdictions allow you to pay your bill in two installments or all at once.    You may have to pay your bill all at once unless you want to mail in your payment from overseas.   Some jurisdictions allow you to e-pay.   Check before you leave.

What about VISAs?  Holland America will get most of the visas you need for you during the cruise.   There are some exceptions and Holland America will send you a letter on this subject before you leave and give you plenty of time to get any VISAs.   For the 2018 cruise, there aren’t any countries which require you to get a VISA before you leave – HAL can get them all for you.  If you plan on traveling independently off the ship during the cruise you will have to get your own VISAs.    This section is for USA citizens only.

What about Foreign Money?  Holland America will offer currency exchange before each port.  The exchanges rates or OK and not worth worrying about for small amounts.   They will also buy the foreign money back after the port visit.